I've been fascinated by computers since I was a teenager, and I've always wanted to create software and websites. My desire to work in this field was confirmed during my middle-school placement in CERN's IT department. Apart from that experience, I started programming seriously at secondary school, self-taught, by taking courses on the OpenClassrooms website on the Java language.
It was during my university studies that I officially started programming. After the Baccalauréat Scientifique, I did a BTS SIO option SLAM in a sandwich course, which I followed with a Baccalauréat Informatique in Quebec for 4 years. This is the equivalent of a French Master 1. During these two courses, I had the opportunity to work in a company during my work-linked BTS, as well as working on a number of school and personal projects in the Web and Mobile sectors.

My passion for IT has always driven me to keep up to date with the latest technologies. Alongside my studies, I have devoted time to personal projects that have allowed me to explore different development frameworks and emerging technologies, such as React, Springboot, Vue.js and Symfony, in addition to my own. As a result, I have a good knowledge and understanding of current technologies, which means I can easily adapt to the technologies you might be using. I enjoy problem solving and innovation, and I'm convinced that my technical skills could add significant value to your company. your company. As a full-stack developer, I'm confident that my in-depth knowledge of languages such as JavaScript, Python, PHP, C# and C++, as well as Java / Kotlin, combined with my practical experience, will enable me to to respond effectively to the company's needs.

Now that I've completed my Baccalauréat in Computer Science, I'm looking for my first job in this field that I love so much.

Contact me:

Email : loquet.gregor@gmail.com
Phone : +33 6 87 12 86 96

IT baccalaureate at the University of Quebec in Chicoutimi.

Internship then work-study contract at Pixel and Cicéro as Assistant Web developer

Scholarship to Ecoris in BTS Sio

Scientific baccalaureate, option Physics


MySQL / Oracle
Java / Kotlin

Framework / Librairies

React Native
PHP Symfony

Operating systems



Vs Code
  • Divinity

    This project consists in creating a website grouping articles which contain detailed information about different mods of the game Divinity : Original Sin 2. This site will also allow users to create an account to comment and interact with the items, as well as use other functions that will be developed later. The creation of this project is made by a friend mainly dealing with the front-end, and I take care of the back-end. Technologically speaking, the site uses a Python server using Flask and Sqlalchemy library and a MySQL database.(In progress)

  • Voyago

    Voyago is an Android application made in Kotlin at the university. It is a meeting application allowing strangers wishing to travel in the same place to meet and travel together.

  • Community articles

    A complete website for creating and sharing articles with Python Flask, Docker and MySQL produced for a university course.(Link): Allows the creation of account, the creation of articles if connected, the addition of comments and reactions to the articles and has the pages of moderation for administrators.

  • Roleplay game

    Personal project consisting in creating a role-playing game to do with friends by passing the phone from hand to hand, this one serving as a game support. (Paused)

  • C++

    During university courses, I had to develop various small C ++ programs in order to work on algorithm and learn to use certain options such as threads.

  • E-commerce

    E-commerce site but only the HTML / CSS + front management of the favorites and baskets in JavaScript.Link

  • Work-Study contract

    During my year of work-study, I created various editable components in native HTML and JavaScript such as an interactive card or quizs. I also created a website operating entirely with JavaScript for the display of the different pages.

  • Tchat

    During the 1st year internship of my BTS, I worked on the development of a web application with a Python Websocket server and an authentication system using the KEYCLOAK service.

  • Appointment

    HTML / CSS / PHP / MySql website for making appointments with interactive calendar and creation of user account + mobile application in Java on Android Studio allowing to consult and cancel appointments. This site and this application were developed as a graduation project for my BTS.